“Whenever I draw an oil painting, I cannot stop the music blaring in my head... I want to let the melodies out.”
Mayuko’s name means child in a cocoon.
She started as a painter, but a calling led her to music.
Her clear voice is characterized by delicate high notes, like a spirit singing.
There is purity in her presence, and her atmosphere is abstract and welcoming.
Mayuko’s music makes you feel snug as if you were the child protected in a cocoon.




In 2001, Mayuko recorded her debut mini-album Toy Cross.
She gained valuable experience working in collaboration with unique musicians and producers such as Johnnie Fingers (Boomtown Rats), Daniel Wang (Balihu Records) and DJ Kensei.
The album jacket art for Toy Cross was designed by Shynola, an artists collaborative based in London that has done creative work for music industry luminaries like Radiohead, Beck and Coldplay.
Futhermore, a remixed version of Toy Cross was released in the United States.
From the momentum garnered by the album release, Mayuko held several concerts in Tokyo and attracted attention from the media.
In 2004, Mayuko started writing new music, and through social media, her audience around the world found her again.
She had media interest in both the United States and France.
Much was made of the mystery surrounding her name and the image of the “child in a cocoon”.
As her audience in Japan increased, Mayuko appeared in live performances around Tokyo.
In 2007, the mini-album Amaranth was released.
Mayuko continued to collaborate with artists in the West, and to introduce more and more people to her music, leading to single releases in the following years.
In 2008, the single Hikari to Iro (KFM Records in Scotland) was released. A subsequent remixed version was also released.
In 2009, the single Someiyoshino (Pony Canyon in Japan) was released. Someiyoshino was featured as the ending music for Nippon Television’s nationally-broadcasted show Hama-chan! and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Radio’s Lions Nighter show.
in 2014, Mayuko has released her first full album Vista Bouquet, independently. It is available from iTunes (worldwide).
Mayuko performed at The Japan Expo 2014 in Paris, The Hyper Japan in London, The Japan Expo in US, Lucca Comics and Games in Italy.
In 2015, Mayuko performed at The Japan Expo Sud in France, Cherry Blossom Festival in US, The Music Festival in Korea.
She released her mini-album Muguet Feerique. The song Benjamin on this album was featured as the ending music for BS Asahi’s TV show The best travels in Europe. She had her own live performance in Tokyo.
In April 2016, Mayuko has performed at Napoli Comicon in Italy.
Also she will be appearing in Japan Expo Paris in France, and in Hyper Japan in London.



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