"muguet feerique" special page by mayuko

Hello! This is Mayuko.
I've made this special page because I'd like to share the days with "muguet féerique".
In order to record my journey preciously, I'm opening my new notebook...
New album "muguet féerique"... I hope you'll like it.
I could say that "muguet féerique" is the most "freewheeling" album I have ever released. The reason that I started writing songs was I wanted to reproduce the music coming to my mind while painting.
Those colourful tones were sometimes like beautiful fish swimming gracefully, sometimes little fairies, sometimes wind...
It varies by the day but all of them have "free and flexible" feeling in common.
I loved to talk to them at that time.

I used to have those days just faced colourful tones by myself.
There were various songs in my head, such as a weird song, only a second song, a song never-ending...
I gathered those songs for "muguet féerique", so I could say this is the most "freewheeling" album and the most "sincere" album at the same time.

"muguet féerique" means "lily of the valley's fairies".
I saw very cute tiny little fairies while I was working on this album and talking to the tones. They were holding a lot of happiness and tried to deliver to someone.
The shape of happiness were sometimes shiny sphere, golden pollen, candies and sometimes beautiful flowers with thorns... It has a variety of shape.
Those fairies were a little bit transparent, pretty, gentle and yet very hard working... I felt like that.
I wish that "happiness" they were holding preciously will be delivering to someone.

The days with "muguet féerique" is beginning from now. I want to have this precious time with all of you!!

I hope "this notebook"= special page will have full of happy memories.

Please enjoy it all together!!

From Mayuko with love.


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